Your iPhone has a button that you probably don’t even know


Apple rolled out the update to iOS 14 back in September last year and made it available for older models from the iPhone 6S. In the variants of the new iPhone 12, which came onto the market in October and November, the new version of the operating system was already pre-installed so that users could try out the extensive new features directly. Among other things, the update brought a revised start screen and new Siri functions such as offline translation. One of the extremely practical innovations of the update was hardly advertised by Apple and is hidden in the settings when deactivated: the back tap, i.e. tapping on the back of the device.

The name says it all: the new function enables you to perform certain actions by tapping the back of the smartphone two or three times. So it turns the entire back of your device into a large, yet hidden hardware button. According to user reports, the distinction between deliberate typing and regularly holding the phone works perfectly.

Back Tap is hidden in the menu

The function is not that easy to find – especially when you don’t know that it even exists. It is hidden in the settings, more precisely in the sub-item “Accessibility”. If you click on “Tap” there, you finally come across the feature, which is deactivated by default, and you can now assign different actions to the two or three times tapping the back as you wish. For example, this quick command can be used to take a screenshot and open the Control Center or the Siri app.

The technology portal “The Verge” even reported that the short call waiting when using Apple’s Shortcuts app can be proven with a much more extensive function. This enables a wealth of design freedom that one is not used to from Apple devices. So it can be worthwhile to try out this little function.



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