Your PC will be like new again

Mucking out, cleaning, patching – bring your computer back into shape. Free him of data junk. We have selected the best tools for this.

A lot of programs have accumulated on the home hard drive over the past few months. With our tools you will not only get rid of unnecessary memory hogs, but you will also remove all residual files and duplicate files. If you are already about to wave the virtual cleaning rag, you can bring everything up to date with our programs and dispose of confidential items safely. Cleared, dusted and free of corpses of files makes working on the PC twice as fun.

One of the classic cleaning tools is definitely the CCleaner (Crap Cleaner). It examines a large number of programs for specific file residues – such as history and cookies in the browser – and deletes what you want with a click of the mouse. Optionally, you can also use the CCleaner to measure the autostart and overwrite the hard drive in order to prevent third parties from restoring sensitive data. While the CCleaner is very well known, few people know that it also has a separate free addon: the CCEnhancer. This considerably expands the list of programs supported by the CCleaner.

This Windows tip quickly clears up to several GB of free space

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