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Youth sentiment! Tyra Banks comes with sequel Coyote Ugly

Good news for those who made it big in the noughties: the movie hit from 2000 will be continued! Tyra Banks confirms she is working on a movie or series based on the early 2000s blockbuster.

Former model Banks told singer Kelly Clarkson that she is working on the new film, you know E!. Speaking on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Banks says, “I literally should have had an online meeting right now about bringing Coyote Ugly back.” It is still unclear whether it is about a sequel or TV series, a film with the same story but possibly in a different time and with different actors.

Special audition

Banks herself was also featured in the original movie, taking on the role of Zoe. “When I auditioned for Coyote Ugly, they asked what song I wanted to audition on,” said Banks. “I said, okay, give Prince Kiss. I was in a huge hotel room dancing and shaking my hair in front of a whole bunch of people who did the casting for the movie. ”

“I danced the whole song,” she says. “After the song I was out of breath and the group of people started to laugh. They said: sorry, we were so enjoying you that we left the music on. ”

The Coyote Ugly bar

The story is about Violet, an aspiring singer-songwriter who moves to New York to make her dream come true. There, one setback after another awaits her. Until she is offered a job at the nightclub Coyote Ugly, where the timid girl grows into a tough, independent woman. Of course there is also room for a sweet storyline in which Violet meets the handsome Kevin O’Donnell.

The film brought us LeAnn Rimes’ monster hit Can’t Fight the Moonlight, which also included the songs. Also in terms of fashion, the film is the epitome of the first half of 2000. Sweaters that just show a piece of the belly, extravagant belts and a lot of shiny lip gloss are impossible to wear. It is still unclear whether that will also be a reprise.

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Youth sentiment! Tyra Banks comes with sequel Coyote Ugly


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