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A Youtuber tried to see if a sophisticated gaming computer could also be cooled with a petrol engine.

In addition to classic fans, water cooling systems are also available for cooling a high-end PC. The Youtuber Linus Sebastian from “Linus Tech Tips” also wanted to test a third option in practice: cooling the PC using a petrol engine. Although the accompanying video is more entertaining, the experiment still offers interesting insights. Specifically, a petrol-powered water pump is used, which has an output of 2.5 hp. This power allows the liquid in the pump to reach a speed of up to 75 kilometers per hour.

Problems with high water pressure

The petrol-driven pump was then connected to a water cooling system via hoses and nozzles. Instead of a special coolant, stagnant rainwater from a water barrel was used in the test. However, due to the high water pressure of the pump, there were already leaks in the circuit during the test runs. When these problems were solved, the defective test system was replaced with a working PC.

GPU stays “cool”

The result: Even in a stress test, the RTX 3090 installed in the system only heated up to 42.8 degrees Celsius despite a power consumption of 600 watts. The RTX 3090 is actually satisfied with a maximum of 370 watts, but a special modification also allows higher power consumption. And the increase in resolution also results in a power consumption of 700 watts, but only increases the temperature to 44.5 degrees Celsius. The performance of the pump was then increased even further, and as a result the temperature of the GPU dropped to 35 degrees Celsius in the stress test. The experiment has no practical use, but the setup and test run are entertaining to look at.

This keeps your CPU nice and cool

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