Youtube Go: Google is discontinuing this Youtube app – alternatives

Google is discontinuing the YouTube Go video app. That is the reason and this tip Google gives to the users.

Updated May 4th, 2022:

Google will discontinue the YouTube Go app in August 2022. Google announced this in a blog entry. Anyone who has previously used YouTube Go should switch to the YouTube app or open in the browser, according to Google’s recommendation.

Google has continued to improve the performance of the YouTube app, especially for weaker smartphones and slower networks. That’s why YouTube Go is no longer necessary, according to the reasoning. In addition, the YouTube app would offer many more functions.

Update end, beginning of the original report from February 2017:

With Youtube Go, Google has released a new variant of its Youtube app for Android from version 4.1. With Youtube Go you can not only watch videos as a stream in the app as usual, but also download them to your smartphone and then watch them offline.

With Youtube Go you can a) watch Youtube videos even without a mobile or WiFi connection. B) You can also save data volume if you download the videos to your smartphone at home using the WLAN and then watch them on the go.

The app consists of two tabs: The left tab “HOME” is the classic YouTube app with streamed videos. Play the videos downloaded to your smartphone via the right-hand tab “SAVED”.

When you start a video download, Youtube Go will ask you about the download quality. With “Basic Quality” the videos use less storage space, but have a poorer resolution. With “Standard Quality”, the videos have a better resolution, but take up significantly more storage space on the mobile device. The app also shows the free storage space on the smartphone.

The downloaded videos can also be exchanged within the app with other YouTube Go users. No data volume is used here either, because the file transfer takes place via Bluetooth.

Currently only usable in India

So much for the good news, Youtube Go should interest many users in Europe. But Google is currently only making the app available in India. Although the Youtube Go app appears on Google Play, it is not compatible with our devices. Users who are keen to experiment can download the YouTube Go 0.26.67 beta APK file here. Whether and how the app will work with it on your smartphone is uncertain, but video downloads don’t seem to be possible with it.

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