Youtube launches free TV streaming in the US

YouTube provides more than 4,000 free TV episodes in the US. The service is financed by advertisements.

YouTube is launching a TV show streaming service in the US. The company intends to provide almost 4,000 episodes in different formats. The content can be viewed by users free of charge. The offer is financed by advertising clips during the shows.

Free streaming via apps and smart TVs

The TV formats offered include “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Heartland” and “Andromeda”. Users can use the free streaming offer via the browser, the YouTube apps for mobile devices and the YouTube app for smart TV devices. With the streaming of TV shows, YouTube wants to expand its offer and prevent users from having to leave the YouTube app when they want to watch their favorite TV shows. With the new offer, YouTube could also succeed in poaching users from its competitor Roku.

Offer will be expanded weekly

The free TV shows join YouTube’s range of ad-free films on the platform. In the USA, for example, you can find “Legally Blonde” or “Gone in Sixty Seconds” here. In the future, Youtube plans to add about 100 new movies and TV episodes every week. It is still unclear when and if free TV streaming on YouTube will also come to Germany.


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