Youtube: New function shows the most popular parts of the video

Youtube is introducing a new feature that lets you instantly see which sections of a video are being played the most.

Youtube is now introducing an innovation that will allow users to immediately recognize what is probably the most exciting moment, especially in longer videos. Because YouTube now shows a graph above the scroll bar, which should show which sections of the video are played/repeated particularly often: the higher the graph goes up, the more often the corresponding section was played (see the following photo). This function is available both in the browser and in the Youtube app.

Youtube: New function shows the most popular parts of the video.


Youtube: New function shows the most popular parts of the video.

However, YouTube is not yet showing the new feature to all users or in all videos. Youtube originally tested these functions as part of Youtube Premium, but now all Youtube users should get this feature; even the non-paying users. The innovation could be ideal for video fans who want to quickly scroll through a longer video and only see what is probably the most exciting part.

However, this graph only helps with easy-to-understand videos that you don’t have to watch in one go to understand them. Complex videos that describe complex relationships are unlikely to benefit from this graph. Since the users in such videos are probably not necessarily able to understand individual scenes that have been taken out of context.

Another new function allows YouTube users in the USA to play a specific video excerpt in a continuous loop. Another new function should also make it possible for viewers to jump to a specific point in the video. This feature is only available for premium users.

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