Youtube star Technoblade: “If you see this, I’m dead”

In a poignant video, Youtube star Technoblade, famous for his Minecraft videos, says goodbye to his fans forever.

A video by YouTube star Technoblade, known for his Minecraft videos, has now been viewed more than 52 million times. In the video, which is approximately 6.5 minutes long, Technoblade greets its viewers with the words: “If you’re watching this, I’m dead”.

Because in the video, Technoblade, who is terminally ill with cancer, says goodbye to his more than 13 million subscribers. He reveals a few more details about himself, such as his real first name: Alex. He once referred to himself as “Dave” in a prank video – so Technoblade is now correcting that. Technoblade/Alex thanks all his fans for the wonderful time and insists that if he had 100 more lives he would want to be Technoblade again every time.

Technoblade’s father briefly introduces the video, then reads Technoblade’s last words and then ends the video with a poignant closing remarks as well.

Born on June 1, 1999, Technoblade/Alex was only 23 years old. On Youtube you can find his popular Minecraft content here. Technoblade/Alex last lived with his father. On August 27, 2021, he informed his fans about his cancer in a video. Little else is known about Technoblade’s private life. You can find an overview of his life and his battle with cancer here.

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