Youtube takes action against spammers

Youtube wants to contain the spam problem in the channels of well-known Youtubers with three new guidelines.

Spammers are an ever-growing problem on the YouTube video platform. They cavort on the channels of well-known YouTubers with many followers and publish comments there with scams like alleged giveaways. They pretend to be well-known and reputable Youtubers and want to lure users to external websites, where they tap their user data.

No more hidden subscriber counts

With three new guidelines, YouTube now wants to tackle the problem and enable users to check the fraudsters for their seriousness. The first solution is the fact that channel operators will no longer be able to hide their subscriber numbers in the future. This allows users to verify that spammers are actually who they say they are. Most scammers try to make their channel look official. Here they use, among other things, special characters in the channel name. YouTube now wants to limit their use as a second solution. When defining the channel name, only a certain number of special characters may be used in the future.

Stricter filters for comments

As a third tool, channel operators now have a stricter filter for the comments section. You can now apply the Increase Strict setting to comments flagged for review. According to Youtube, more potential spam comments should be sorted out. However, more sensitive filters also carry the risk of accidentally deleting legitimate comments. It remains to be seen whether these three detailed improvements will have the desired effect and whether the flood of spam on YouTube will decrease again.

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