Youtuber Cash: Watch money for Youtube advertising – this is how the scam works

Scammers have come up with a clever way to rip off Youtube fans. How to spot the scam.

The website Watchlist-Internet, which specializes in reports of Internet fraud, warns of a nasty scam on YouTube. There, the creators of (Youtuber Cash) lure video fans in by promising them that there would only be money for watching commercials on YouTube.

The website allegedly pays 0.60 US dollars or 0.51 euros per minute of advertising viewed to YouTube users who watch the advertising videos. There is also a starter bonus and a bonus if you recommend the site. The website advertises that it would fight fraud. But according to research by Watchlist-Internet, the situation is very different.

There is no money, instead there are always new demands

First of all, it seems to be a pyramid scheme. Participants are urged to get more and more new YouTube users to participate. Each newly recruited person should in turn attract new participants.

But when it comes to paying out, the rude awakening comes, as Watchlist Internet warns. Because does not give out the promised money, but asks the participants to recruit more users first. But even if the participants comply, continues to stall the users: the money cannot be paid out immediately, but only in one to two months, as Watchlist-Internet writes. Sometimes those responsible at even ask the participants to transfer a fee of 50 euros so that the bonuses can be paid out. On top of that, seems to want to urge participants to invest in Bitcoin.

Watchlist internet advises

  • Do not sign up for this program.

  • But if you’re already attending, save yourself the time and trouble and cut ties with them.

  • If you have already given bank or credit card details, then watch out for unauthorized debits and inform your bank.

The site does not provide any legally required imprint. Only one US mailing address appears at one point on the website. The entire presentation of the website seems dubious at first glance.

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