YouTuber Jake Paul announces boxing match against UFC fighter Ben Askren

Well-known YouTuber Jake Paul has announced the next opponent in his fledgling boxing career. This time he will take on UFC fighter Ben Askren. The boxing camp will take place on April 17th.

Jake Paul is a controversial, but wildly popular YouTuber. The 24-year-old American started his influencer career on the now-vanished platform Vine, but soon switched to YouTube. There he now has more than 20 million subscribers and almost 7 billion views.

In between, he was also seen in the program Bizaardvark on Disney Channel. There he played alongside music sensation Olivia Rodrigo.

Boxing career

However, Jake Paul has been focusing on boxing for two years now. That started with an amateur camp against YouTuber Deji as undercard on the fight of their older brothers Logan Paul and KSI. He won that fight via technical knockout (TKO).

Then Paul went pro. He made his professional debut a year ago against YouTuber AnEsonGib. Also this time Jake Paul won with TKO. He entered the ring again at the end of November. This time, former basketball player Nate Robinson was the opponent. Paul knocked him out at the start of the second round.

Since that convincing win, Jake Paul has been constantly challenging possible next opponents. The biggest name is undoubtedly UFC legend Conor McGregor, who has not yet taken it.

Ben Askren

So the fight against Ben Askren will be Jake Paul’s first time against someone with experience in combat sports, although Askren is not a boxer. The 36-year-old American is a wrestler who switched to the mixed martial arts MMA after finishing seventh at the Olympics.

In the UFC, the main league in the MMA, he has fought only three fights so far. Askren lost two of them. Legendary is his knockout against Jorge Masvidal after barely five seconds. And let it be precisely with that Masvidal that Jake Paul is currently preparing for the camp of April 17.

Jake Paul looks ahead to the camp against Ben Askren


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