YouTuber James Charles sends nude photos to minors

YouTuber James Charles is under fire again. This time it is allegations of underage boys who received unsolicited nude photos from the beauty guru, asking for the same to be done.

James Charles (21) is not a blank slate. The YouTuber has come under fire several times. This previously involved allegations of ‘grooming‘. That term refers to adults’ approaching young people, trying to gain the trust of those young people and eventually get them to engage in sexual acts. This technique is often used by abusers to justify the abuse because the victim did it “voluntarily”.

Not the first time

It is not the first time that James Charles has been accused of such acts. In 2018, he was accused by Tati Westbrook of all kinds of things, including seducing (often underage) straight men. It later became clear that many of the things Tati told her were whispered to her by Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson and were not completely correct.

As a result, the name of James Charles was cleared again and it became quiet around the beauty guru for a while. Until now, as allegations against James Charles have appeared again in recent days. This mainly concerns underage boys who receive unsolicited nude photos from the YouTuber.

Nude photos

The first allegations came from the TikTokker Isayah (@redzai). He told in a video on TikTok how he, a 16-year-old fan, was approached by James Charles. The two sent photos via Snapchat, but they soon became sexual. In addition, James sent nude photos of himself to Isayah. Isayah was not comfortable with that, so he stressed that he was 16 years old. James then kept asking to FaceTime and send explicit photos.

“I think it’s a shame that I can no longer look at my greatest source of inspiration in the same way. I’ve heard several stories of how James Charles does this to people, but you only really believe it when it happens to you. ”

Response James

James quickly responded to Isayah’s allegations with a lengthy post on Twitter. In it, he said that Isayah was the first to send obscene photos to him, telling him he was 18. James insists that he only started flirting again after Isayah said he was of legal age. Later he discovered that Isayah was only 16 years old. Then James said he was uncomfortable with that and apologized for flirting. Then James claims it was Isayah who asked to keep talking. “He said it could be our little secret, that he was a fan of mine and wouldn’t tell anyone.”

According to James, he broke ties with Isayah at that time. Finally, James also says that in the future he will always ask for a photo of an identity card or passport before he starts talking to anyone.

Isayah has already responded to James’s lengthy post, saying that it is he who blocked James. In addition, he reiterates that James kept asking him to send nude photos even after he knew Isayah is 16 years old. “You called me handsome and said you hoped you could make time go faster so that I was 18.”

Other testimonials

After Isayah several other boys came out with similar stories. The first was @ a0nnj on Twitter. He shared some screenshots of conversations with James Charles. He emphasized that there were no sexual acts, but did say that James continued to flirt with him even though he knew he was 17 and therefore a minor. The screenshots also show that James sent him pictures and asked for videos. “It never got sexual, but it was still strange how he kept talking and flirting with me after I told him I was 17. I wanted to share my story now that so many others are also coming out with their story. ”

Later @Lifeofuzzy also shared his story via Twitter. In addition, he shared how he started to chat with James and how they were initially nice and pleasant conversations. Until the mood turned and James began to address him as’daddy‘ and ‘babe‘. That made him uncomfortable and he made it clear to the YouTuber. Later he also got explicit snaps.

James Charles has not yet commented on the accusations of the two boys on Twitter.


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