Youtubers blow up Tesla Model S out of frustration at a lack of goodwill

Finnish Youtubers blew up a Tesla Model S! The reason should be the disappointment about the lack of goodwill at Tesla. The owner is called Tuomas Katainen and tells in the video that was published on the Pommijätkät (German: bomb types) channel why he wants to blow up the electric car (built in 2013).

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Instead of paying 20,000 euros for a new battery, the car is blown up

After 1,500 kilometers, the car had displayed various error messages and had to be towed. After a month in the Tesla workshop, Katainen got the message that nothing could be done with his Model S, the battery pack had to be replaced. Cost: 20,000 euros. “Apparently there is no guarantee or anything like that,” said Tuomas Katainen. That’s why he decided to blow up the car – with 30 kilos of dynamite and an Elon Musk doll in the driver’s seat. We don’t know whether the story is true, but the demolition is impressive. Most of the Model S is pulverized within seconds, The debris is flying extremely high, a massive pressure wave can be seen in slow motion. Only a single wheel seems to have remained intact in the explosion, otherwise all that remains of the Tesla is a heap of deformed sheet metal parts and thousands of splinters.

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