Yungblud on living with Lewis Capaldi: “Stella Artois kept going for at least two years”

Meanwhile, Yungblud and Lewis Capaldi are two of the greatest British musicians of the moment. But it was once different. The two even lived together while trying to make it in the music business. And then they drank liters of beer. Not just any beer, but our Belgian pride, Stella Artois.

For Yungblud and Lewis Capaldi became the musicians we know today, it was two Brits living together trying to make it in the music business. They were both on the hunt for a contract with a record label and occasionally drank a beer (too much).

Stella Artois

“Every week, Lewis and I had the same conversation,” Yungblud said during an interview with The Guardian. “Do you already have a contract?” – “No, you?” – “No.” “They had to fill their days with other things. And that happened quite often with “all sorts of troubleAnd beer.

They didn’t drink typical British beers. Nope, Yungblud and Lewis Capaldi loved Stella Artois. “I think we kept Stella Artois going for those two years.”


Yungblud (whose real name is Dominic Harrison) also mentioned his upcoming second album, “Weird!”. That would normally have already been published, but that release has been postponed due to the corona crisis. Fans still have to be patient until December 4.

“I really want to release the album,” the young singer said in a statement. “You really deserve it. “This has been the strangest year ever. And we’re not going to wait for the album until March next year. ”


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