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Today is the very last day you can: an application for the NOW or TVL scheme. The government support packages will end from October 1. In total, 80 billion euros went to support the business community. Entrepreneur Errol got nothing.

The average WOZ value has increased, according to Statistics Netherlands figures. And that is fascinating, because taxes are based on that WOZ value. A higher WOZ means a higher assessment. Want to know what the WOZ value is in your area? Check out this tool.

People with autism often have a distance from the labor market. For entrepreneur Sjoerd, that was unbearable. He started a ‘low-stimulating company’, where people with autism can flourish. “My son was the inspiration.”

As of today, it is not allowed to install 5G equipment from Huawei in Great Britain. The British government has banned the items of the Chinese tech company. Huawei is suspected of cooperating in espionage for the Chinese government. It denies it itself, but that does not affect the ban that applies from today.

Who will be the Top Woman of the Year? That election will take place tonight for the seventh time. Also, a young lady is crowned Young Talent Award winner. The evening will be graced with a speech by Ingrid Thijssen, the boss of employers’ club VNO-NCW.

This piece was the most shared yesterday: Good news for people who have lost big money to foreign scammers who promised them mountains of gold, whether or not with the fake success stories of Ali B or John de Mol about investing in cryptos. Victims can go after their money through the Dutch court. Read here how.

We think you should also read this: Anyone who has bought a Samsung TV in recent years has spent more money on it than was necessary. This is apparent from an investigation by the ACM. Samsung now has to pay a fine.

You may have missed this last night: A price-increasing pawnbroker from Harderwijk bid on his own shop during an internet auction, but is left with the baked pears. He lost two lawsuits and now has to pay tens of thousands of euros in legal costs.

And this can come to the coffee machine:

PS The factors that have contributed to growth so far, such as population growth, increasing labor participation and gas revenues have now been worked out. Time to look ahead, writes columnist Nora Neuteboom.

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