Zach of Temptation shockingly reveals car accident

Although it became clear during the last campfire that their relationship has no chance of success, Zach and Simone still go to bed the same night. Nevertheless, the former lovebirds put an end to their relationship. Zach says that he was kicked out of the house by Simone, after which he stayed with friends for weeks. “From the moment I got back I only had contact with Romee”, he says now. “I didn’t want to see anyone else, speak to anyone, I was very depressed. I met Romee in those weeks.”

When it emerged that Zach and Simone were taking the ultimate relationship test, the exes contacted each other for the first time in weeks. Zach was no longer in contact with Romee at that time and the spark immediately flashed again. “From January I lived there again and it was as usual. She had forgiven me and we were a couple again. I didn’t really have contact with others anymore.”

In the video, Zach also discusses the serious car accident, which Romee spoke about earlier. The ‘Fuckboy Airlines’ CEO says they were on their way to Denmark to celebrate Simone’s birthday when it all went wrong. “It was really just a hair, otherwise we would not have been there. (…) If we had been in her car we would have crashed anyway. We ended up in a ditch at 130 kilometers per hour … It was really very fiercely.”

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