Zach played a character on Temptation Island

In a new episode of Temptation Gossip Romee tells that she initially thought it was all a joke. “I certainly understand that people think that Zach is an actor. I actually had that idea in the beginning,” she says honestly. “More because he talked so much bullshit from the moment he got in that I thought, this just can’t be true.”

She also says that the question was asked by several girls. “I think Zach is playing a bit of a character. When the cameras were out, he was much better, cozier and gave him a little cuddle. And when the cameras turned on, he took a little distance and went back saying stupid things. … If I were Simone I certainly wouldn’t forgive him because if he behaved like this after a few days with cameras, how would he behave if you’re not around and there aren’t any cameras? ” says Romee.


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