Zapping with a difference: Netflix donates the new “Play Something” feature

Netflix distributes the function
Netflix is ​​now distributing the “Play Something” feature internationally

Netfix is ​​now distributing its new “Play Something” function internationally. In Germany, too, you can now be surprised by the streaming provider.

With us, the function is specifically called “Play something” and invites you to start randomly selected content – a bit like the previously popular zapping through the TV program. So it’s essentially a kind of shuffle mode. You can use “Play Something” / “Play something” on smart TVs or media players. The feature is not yet popular on mobile devices.

According to Netflix, the function should make your own selection for you. So if you’re just looking for quick sprinkling, or if you’re hoping for something new and possibly the unexpected, then “Play Something” can come in handy. Contents are then automatically selected that you have already noted on the watch list or that should suit your taste in the recommendations.

The above spot also introduces the function, although we will certainly have nightmares for a few more months from the remote control that can be seen. You should see “Play Something” from now on on the homescreen to choose from. The function may also select films and series that you started but never completed.

Categories should also start on Netflix

Some testers also report that Netflix also wants to introduce “categories”. This function is already being tried out with a small group of users. Like “Play something”, the “Categories” land in the sidebar in the app for Smart TVs and streaming devices. There you can then select genres, such as “comedies” or “thrillers”. After that, your entire selection will be adjusted with regard to the selected category. This applies e.g. B. also for the list of the most popular titles on Netflix.

So can be of help if you just feel like watching a certain type of film or series. When the feature will be distributed more widely is currently in the stars.

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