Zayn will release a new album on January 15th

Zayn is due out next Friday, January 15, 2021, with a completely new album. To make his fans enthusiastic about that album, he will release a new song on Friday January 8: Vibez.

With a short video on Twitter, Zayn teases the release of a new single. That would herald the arrival of a new album, which will be released next week.


According to PopCrave, Zayn will release the single tomorrow, on Friday, January 8th Vibez, which will also immediately include a video clip. In the teaser that Zayn shared on Twitter, we get to hear that song a (very little) bit. The fragment starts with a black screen with the word “Tomorrow“. At the end of the fragment it becomes clear that it is a curtain that goes up at the end.

Vibez will be the first song Zayn releases since the song Better that he released into the world on September 25. He did so barely a day after he and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid announced that their daughter was born.

“Nobody Is Listening”

Vibez will be featured on the album “Nobody Is Listening”, due out next week, Friday, January 15th. That album will contain 11 songs in total. Next Vibez will too Better there are, as well as nine brand new songs.

It will be Zayn’s first album since out and also the first since the birth of Zayn’s daughter with his girlfriend and top model Gigi Hadid. We still don’t know the baby’s name, but we got to see the baby (partially).


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