Zedge Premium Marketplace: Earn money with wall papers as a hobby photographer

Selling a few vacation photos as wallpapers on Zedge? Why not, I thought. A self-experiment.

Zedge (spoken: Sätsch) – does something ring for you? The wallpaper app has been around since 2003 and can therefore be described as a real veteran of the smartphone era. she got downloaded more than 436 million times and has 30 million monthly active users (August 2020), is also regularly in the top 60 of the American Google Play charts. Oh, it was also mentioned in Time’s Magazine’s Top 50 Android Apps 2013. More Wikipedia knowledge, here you go. The app was first published by three Norwegians, but they now also have offices in Vilnius and New York.

I vaguely remembered coming into contact with Zedge during my first tentative smartphone experience when they wrote me the other day on Instagram. “Absolutely love your work, we’d love to have you sell it as phone wallpapers and other content options to our millions of users, in Zedge Premium,” it said.

You will almost certainly have noticed me through a feature of the Unsplash account, because I have been making my photos available on the platform for a long time (completely free of charge and free of rights). In addition, non-exclusively upload my photos to Zedge and earn a few euros? Why not, I thought.

They also sent me a link to their application form, which I then filled out. Bold and impatient as I am, I tried to speed up the process a bit – after all, I didn’t want to wait seven days for an answer. Lo and behold, a few clear words work wonders, the application was accepted on the same day. I have given my Unsplash account as a reference.

Zedge: That’s how money goes into the till

But briefly to the concept of where the money comes from. In Zedge, users can not only download images for free, but also download certain images for credits. 500 credits cost in the iOS version 1, o9 euros, there’s a little discount upwards.

The most expensive package is available for a comparatively humane EUR 21.99, which corresponds to 14,000 credits. Who is tight at the cash register, but can also earn 10 credits by watching 30-second commercials. That’s how much most wallpapers cost.

Zedge Premium Marketplace: Conditions and withdrawal limit

As Uploader you have a choicewhether you offer your content for these 10 advertising credits or a set premium course. This is aimed at a narrower target group and you have to be very convinced of your own original content.

I have therefore decided on the first variant for my content in order to create a to offer the smallest possible hurdle to downloadSo maybe to address more users and finally end up in the trending area, for example.

During the registration process I was also confronted with the conditions. If I do not exceed $ 25 in earnings in a year, it will be withheld to cover operating expenses. You have to reach $ 200 before a withdrawalwhich is done once a quarter. When asked, I was told that the payment would be made within 60 (!) Days of the end of a quarter. Better than nothing, you can try it. It’s an experiment.

Before I was able to deal sufficiently with the somewhat old-fashioned-looking backend, the account started to talk to me again. As a little delicacy I was promised a feature also a little jump start. I had misunderstood this as a big feature on the front page, which is why I quickly complied with the request to upload a few photos and even a feature image (which must also be measured to the nearest pixel).

Zedge: Requirements of smartphone wall papers

With my penchant for perfectionism, I still had to touch a selection of my existing photo library a bit in Lightroom, and not just for the technical requirements for 16: 9 cropping (Minimum resolution: 1620 x 2880 pixels). I wanted to make sure that the images in the upper area leave enough space not to cut the clock on the lock screen, plus a dark gradient and a touch of vignette – zack done, wallpaper.

The upload process is, to put it politely, not exactly user-friendly. That there aren’t even such basic features as drag and drop – free. I am glad that you can at least upload several photos at once and that the supposed limit of 8 megabytes per picture is apparently ignored (even 15 MB passed without complaint).

After the upload, it is still time to take each photo to give a meaningful title with a maximum of 22 characters (Associative thinking when looking at the picture is enough, mostly just a concise catchphrase) and the absolutely necessary and cumbersome arming on the platform. Activate multiple photos at once? That would be practical for once. But of course not.

Zedge backend is painful to use

If the surface would at least do what it is expected to do, wouldn’t it all be so painful. The screen content regularly jumps back and forth in a completely incomprehensible manner. The team is putting off an update that they are working on, but until then it’s not really fun.

What did I make with Zedge?

But now to what this article should actually be about: After all, what did I earn with the wallpapers? To start with, I decided to take five pictures from the last trip to the game reserve, which for at least a few days after uploading could even be found at the top of the prominent Animals category.

Within the first ten days there were 162 downloads (including a few from myself). Zedge points out that the advertising prices and therefore the net can fluctuate, but at the moment the balance sheet is a whopping $ 1.16. That converts to a whopping 0.7 cents per download or otherwise: It takes me a good 28,500 downloads to get my first payout. (By the way, this is my Zedge profile.)

Sure, I won’t get there with five photos, but that Zedge is home to artists, who earn $ 10,000 a month on the platformHow full-bodied the website is advertised is kind of hard to believe.

I cannot yet estimate whether I will ever get to the point of a payout – I see it as a little challenge (and I just like to watch any bars go up).

Conclusion: Don’t try this at home

Should you do that too? Under no circumstance, Don’t waste your time with this completely bugged dashboard and sell your photos on a real platform, even if the well-known names undercut each other with bad conditions.

To be really successful on Zedge, you have to put a lot of work into it and catch the eye with your own style – and whoever is at such a level hopefully has enough assignments not to be dependent on them.


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