Zero SR 2022: new street bike with a range of 365 kilometers

The American Electric motorcycleManufacturer Zero has for 2022 extremely interesting news at the beginning. The list of exciting news begins with the completely redesigned one zero SR. And it ends with one new generation Batteries, of which Zero is a maximum Range from 365 Kilometers promises.

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Of the E-motorcycle pioneer Zero from California was from the former NASA engineer Neal Saiki and his wife Lisa founded. That comes from Saiki’s pen refined constructed Aluframe of the Zero motorcycles. 2019 succeeded the brand greater Litter, as the zero SR / F came out, which impressed with its cool look as well as its dynamically appealing driving behavior.
Zero SR

Visually successful: The completely renewed Zero SR looks so chic.

Innovations for the 2022 Zero SR: Performance

the 2022soutput the Zero SR shares the platform with this one sister Zero SR / F. This makes it standard with the ZF-75-10 engine equipped that 110 hp, 166 Nm maximum torque and one Continuous output from 55 kW supplies. the Top speed is included according to the manufacturer 167 km / h. SECTION, Traction control and a Drag torque control are on board ex works. With the help of the new, company-owned Cypher store Numerous options can be activated, for example the full performance of the engine or fast charging. But you can also use the “SR”Advanced Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control“upgrade. Then the helpers even work depending on the lean angle.
Zero SR

The top speed of the 110 hp Zero SR is 167 kilometers per hour.

Price of the Zero SR: That’s what it costs

The new Zero SR drives with the new generation operating system Cypher III + before and has one 14.4 kWh battery on board, which can be accessed via the Cypher Store 17.3 kWh expand leaves. With the additional Power tank the capacity even grows 20.9 kWh, the largest battery size Zero offered to date. The power tank will away Early 2022 to have be.

Just like that New is the option of using the Zero SR with a Type 2 connector at a public Charging station to load. A adapter for the Household socket there is also. The Zero SR of the year 2022 costs in Germany in the color graphite 18,830 euros.

Zero SR battery

New: The Zero SR can be charged at public pillars thanks to a type 2 plug.

Further developed batteries are used at Zero

In addition, Zero has the lithiumIonsBatteriesthat are used in the home, further developed. They should be around 20th percent more powerful be than their predecessors. They exist By default in two sizes, 14.4 kWh and 15.6 kWh. Both can optional by Update can be expanded to up to 17.3 kWh. In combination with that too on wish The available power tank is scarce for the driver 21 kWh battery capacity available to those in town for up to 365 kilometers range should take care. Overland it is a maximum of 182 kilometers at an average speed of 113 km / h.
Zero SR battery

According to the manufacturer, the new generation of batteries should enable a range of up to 365 kilometers.

the Zero SR / S of the model year 2022 are included both battery configurations, for the SR / F on the other hand, only the battery is included 15.6 kWh To have capacity. The renewed Zero SR drives with the 14.4 kilowatt hours large battery. the Prices for the 2022 Zero SR / S start at 21,540 euros, for the SR / F must at least 22,990 euros be created.

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