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Zoë Kravitz first appears as Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

The recordings of The Batman lay in silence in September, because Robert Pattinson became infected with COVID-19. In the meantime, the crew and cast are again fully shooting and the first images trickle out. For the first time ever, Zoë Kravitz can be seen as Selina Kyle, the woman behind Catwoman.

These are the first images on the film set since the corona break. We saw Robbert Pattinson extensively as Batman in the trailer, Zoë Kravitz passed by a few times as Catwoman. Now, on new recordings in Liverpool, we see her as Selina Kyle.

First images of Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle

Selina Kyle is a character who has appeared in DC Comics comics and movies since 1940. Originally, Catwoman was intended as an opponent of Batman, but later turned out to have her own morals. She does good and bad things and it is not entirely clear whether she is a hero or a villain. The fact is that in these first images she walks arm to arm with Robbert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne.

In the trailer, however, Catwoman enters the story as a burglar, as has happened in DC Comics history, and she comes face to face with Batman in battle. On the set images they seem to be attending a funeral together. Little is known about the storyline around Selina Kyle in this film. Check out Zoë Kravitz’s predecessors, from Halle Berry to Michelle Pfeiffer, in this article.

Robbert Pattinson returns after Covid-19

It is clear that the atmosphere is grimmer and darker than you are used to in films about the superhero. “It is not an origin story, where Batman must learn to control his fears and himself,” said Matt Reeves at DC Fandome earlier this year. “It was exciting not to do that. The origin has been omitted. You meet him in his early years, in the middle of a criminological experiment. You see him fail and grow to be heroic, but in a human and flawed way. ”

In the first images after the corona break, Robert Pattinson doesn’t look too enthusiastic, but that will have to do with the grim nature of The Batman. In any case, you still have to be patient. The film will not be released until 2022.


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Zoë Kravitz first appears as Catwoman (Selina Kyle)


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