Zoo puts parrots in isolation after scolding visitors

In the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, a group of parrots has been placed in isolation for the time being because they continuously scold visitors. The park’s managers had adopted the birds last summer and then taught each other swear words. And of course they couldn’t laugh about that in rural England.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park CEO Steve Nichols said the park adopted five red-tailed parrots in the same week in August. Not much later, they were quarantined, not because they contracted the corona virus, but because they had taught each other the rancest swear words in a short time. It often happens that zoos buy swearing parrots, but now they say they were left with “a room full of swearing birds”.

Laughter motivates

“The more they swear, the more you usually laugh, which motivates them to swear more,” Nichols explains the problem to CNN. The birds not only learned to scold each other, but also to laugh at each other’s dirty language. According to the zoo, this led to “something that looks like a group of old workers”.

The park did let the animals out for a while, but that turned out not to be such a good idea. After twenty minutes, there were already reports of parrots scolding visitors. “We thought it was very funny and the customers thought it was fine,” he said. “They had no problem with it at all. But we were concerned because a weekend was coming and a lot of children are coming. ” That is why the coarse-billed African birds are now in isolation again.


According to Nichols, the conscious birds are now only in “time out”. The park wants to introduce the parrots into new groups of birds separately. There, hopefully they are influenced enough by the non-scolding parrots to unlearn their dirty ways.


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