After Windows update: Microsoft account login problems

An update for Windows 11 causes trouble when logging in for Microsoft accounts. This is how Microsoft solves the problem.

Microsoft has confirmed in a support document that an update for Windows 11 released at the end of August 2022 may result in Windows users being unable to sign in to newly added Microsoft accounts. This problem can occur after a reboot or after logging out of Windows 11 version 21H2.

The following procedure is required for this problem to occur: First, update KB5016691 is installed. Then add a new Microsoft account to the Windows 11 computer. You may not be able to sign in to that new Microsoft account for a short time after restarting or signing out of Windows. The problem only affects the newly added Microsoft account user and only occurs on the first login, Microsoft explains. Active Directory domain user accounts and Azure Active Directory accounts are not affected.

Microsoft is solving the problem through a Known Issue Rollback (KIR), a method that Microsoft has used to fix problems several times recently – for example in this case: 3 patches for Windows 11 destroy the start menu and Microsoft takes emergency measures. In other words: Microsoft is withdrawing the KB5016691 update that has already been deployed via the Windows update function. The KIR should automatically reach all computers with KB5016691, unless the PCs are managed centrally.

But even with KB5016691 installed, it should be possible to log in with the newly created Microsoft account after a while, as Microsoft emphasizes. To do this, affected users simply have to wait until the lock screen appears again.

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