2 days -80% cheaper: pCloud with up to 10 TB lifetime storage

No subscription and maximum security – the Swiss cloud provider pCloud has heavily discounted its lifetime storage plans. Benefit from the popular cloud with a one-time payment.

Not only groceries and fuel are getting more and more expensive. In the digital world, too, the providers of streaming platforms and other services are increasingly asking for higher prices. Anyone who relies on subscriptions and monthly payments is tearing an ever-growing hole in their already affected wallet. High time to declare war on the flood of subscriptions.

The Swiss company pCloud does not patronize the users: Instead of prescribing a subscription model, customers can decide for themselves whether they prefer the monthly payment method or a one-time license purchase. On the Day of German Unity, pCloud has once again significantly reduced the so-called lifetime plans: you can freely choose between 500 GB, 2 TB and 10 TB of lifetime online storage – pay once, use forever!

Lifetime cloud with almost endless storage: pCloud reduced to 10 TB

Swiss location = high level of data protection

If you look around the world of big cloud providers, it’s clear that most are based in the US or other countries with dodgy privacy laws. However, with its Swiss headquarters, pCloud is committed to the strict local laws.

  • Highest level of data protection:

    The data protection guidelines applicable in Switzerland are on par with the GDPR and force the company to handle your data very strictly.

  • Own server structure:

    The data centers are also subject to Swiss legislation and are constantly monitored by pCloud and subjected to intensive security assessments.

  • Data availability:

    To prevent breakdowns and data loss, your data is stored in several locations. The servers are guarded around the clock and are equipped with various alarm systems.

User-side data encryption also reduced

For an additional quantum of security, pCloud offers the option of encrypting particularly sensitive files in a folder provided with a password on the client side. This function, dubbed pCloud Encryption, corresponds to the zero-knowledge principle, since nobody but you has access to the encrypted folder.

The add-on pCloud Encryption is also currently discounted. Instead of paying the usual 125 euros, you only pay 99 euros once.

With pCloud, your files are subject to the highest data protection and security requirements.


With pCloud, your files are subject to the highest data protection and security requirements.

© pCloud

Functional and universally applicable

In addition to the security and the special feature of the one-off payment, the functions of pCloud should also be right – and here the Swiss provider cannot be said to be wrong.

  • For all devices:

    You need a cloud on your cell phone, tablet and computer. pCloud provides its own app for all common operating systems, and there is also a feature-rich web interface and browser extensions.

  • File management:

    In addition to organizing your data, you can make it available to other pCloud users as well as anyone else using shares. Your music library even has its own audio interface for managing artists, album titles and more.

  • Backups:

    Two things are required to back up data on your own devices: storage space and an uncomplicated backup tool. pCloud has both to offer: With just a few steps, an automatic backup of the computer, the mobile phone or another cloud is created.

  • Comprehensive data history:

    In addition to a standard recycle bin, you will find the so-called rewind function in pCloud. This is a feature that can completely restore data from the past.

NEW: pCloud Pass launched!

Recently, pCloud’s portfolio has expanded with a completely new product. We are talking about the password manager pCloud Pass. It works just as easily as you would expect from such applications and, in addition to passwords, also organizes credit card data, secure notes, access cards, bank information and more. At the same time, pCloud Pass enjoys the same high security requirements as the cloud.

Visit the pCloud website for more information about pCloud Pass!

pCloud Lifetime greatly discounted: Secure lifetime storage with up to 10 TB now

If you’re looking for a secure and feature-rich cloud solution but don’t want to subscribe, pCloud is the place for you. Save up to 80 percent on the single-lifetime plans until October 5th:

  • 500 GB Premium Lifetime: Only 125 euros instead of 500 euros (-75%)

  • 2 TB Premium Plus Lifetime: Only 245 euros instead of 980 euros (-75%)

  • NEW

    10 TB Custom Lifetime: Only 990 euros instead of 4900 euros (-80%)

Compared to the classic subscription offers, which charge at least 10 euros per month for 2 TB of storage, the lifetime plan pays for itself after a few months of use. In addition, hardly any cloud provider offers packages with 10 TB of storage.

Go to the pCloud offer: Lifetime cloud with big discounts

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