Tor network is said to be “significantly” faster

“Congestion Control”, which is now available in a stable version for the first time, is intended to make the Tor network significantly faster.

A new system called “Congestion Control” promises a significant increase in performance in Tor and higher utilization of network capacity, as reported in a blog post by the Tor project.

The Onion Router, also called Tor, is free and open source software that enables anonymous communication. However, the tool could never boast of being the fastest, as network node congestion and long queues slowed down communication.


What is the Tor network?

Congestion Control delivers “impressive” results

The new system implements three algorithms, namely Tor-Westwood, Tor-Vegas and Tor-NOLA, which together help to reduce memory consumption and stabilize and minimize queue delay and latency:

  • Tor-Westwood – Minimizes packet loss on large lines

  • Tor-Vegas – Estimates the length of the queue and introduces balancing items

  • Tor-NOLA – works as a bandwidth delay estimator.

Simulation results have also been published that compare the difference in surfing speed and latency between the versions. “Congestion Control”, which is now already in the stable version 0.4.7. is available, delivered “impressive” results.

So that everyone can benefit from the new system, all exit relay operators must upgrade to version 0.4.7. be updated. It was also said that operators of internal Tor nodes are yet to upgrade but will need to set bandwidth limits.

Tor Browser is set to receive an update soon

“Since our network is at around 25% utilization, we expect throughput for the first few users using 0.4.7 on fast lines with fast 0.4.7 exits to be very high until most customers upgrade At that point, a new equilibrium will be reached in terms of throughput and network utilization”,

so the developers.

“As such, we hold off on releasing a stable Tor browser with congestion control until enough exits have been updated to make the experience more consistent. We hope to do so by May 31.”

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