Windows 11 with blue screens: Microsoft warns of unstable test versions

Microsoft warns: The next test versions of Windows 11 will be particularly unstable. There is probably an increased risk of blue screens. That is the reason.

The next Windows 11 test versions will be unstable, and frequent blue screens can even be expected. Microsoft warns of this in an email to Windows Insider testers, as reported by the IT news magazine Windowslatest.

According to Windowslatest, the reason that Microsoft does not expressly mention in the warning email to the affected insiders is that Microsoft is already preparing Windows 11 for the autumn update 23H2 that will come after next. However, this update should not be confused with the upcoming autumn update 22H2, which is already on the home stretch.

However, these particularly unstable test versions only appear in the Insider program’s dev channel. Microsoft intends to start delivering the corresponding builds to the testers soon.

For the insider testers in the beta channel, on the other hand, nothing will change; they will receive their test versions of the upcoming autumn update 22H2 with the usual quality and stability. There are three different channels for insiders: Dev (particularly unstable versions), Beta (somewhat unstable) and Release Preview (rather stable). You can read more about this here: Windows 10 Insider is changing – channels instead of rings.

Insider testers should take note of this

Insider testers who have chosen the Dev Channel but want to avoid the particularly unstable test versions that are coming should now switch to the Beta Channel. Insider testers can do this at any time in the settings of the Windows Insider program. However, if you don’t switch to the beta channel in time and install the first particularly unstable dev versions of Windows 11, you can no longer switch back to the more stable Windows 11 22H2. Because the code base is too different. In such a case, those affected have to reinstall their Windows if they want to get rid of the Dev Channel test versions again.

However, Windows 11 version 23H2 is still in a very early stage of development, so that nothing meaningful can be said about its new functions.

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