AI tool turns everyone into a Pokemon

With the AI ​​art widget “Text-to-Pokémon” Internet users can generate a matching Pokémon for any name.

Justin Pickney, a machine learning researcher at Lambda Labs, has created Text-to-Pokémon, a fun art widget that uses an AI to generate images of Pokémon from text input. The artificial intelligence was trained with Pokémon images labeled BLIP on two A6000 GPUs in the Lambda CPU Cloud.

Funny politician Pokémon

The widget is easy to use. In the top field of the Pokémon generator input mask, users can enter either a name or descriptive terms. For example, the word “Yoda” spits out a Pokemon based on the “Star Wars” character. Entering the names of politicians such as Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and Donald Trump also generates funny results. The connection to the namesakes can clearly be seen here.

Lots of examples on Twitter

The microblogging service community

has already discovered the widget for himself. Here you will find a lot of funny Pokémon that the tool generated when entering different terms such as Sonic or George W. Bush. On the software website, developer Justin Pickney also shows some examples such as Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, Hello Kitty or Totoro from the anime “My Neighbor Totoro”.

Github account required

A Github account with an active email address is required to use the Text-to-Pokémon generator. Users can then type in their names and terms on the website. Tip: In the “num_outputs” field, select the number “4” so that the generator creates four Pokémon that match the term.

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