Audi wants to turn the A4 into an electric car as the e-tron in 2024

Audi also wants to become more and more of an electric brand in the future. Although the complete changeover to the alternative drive is still a long time coming, important models will be powered up in the foreseeable future.


Audi A4 Avant 35 TFSI

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This probably also applies to the next generation of the Audi A4. It is to be launched in 2023 as a hybrid and combustion version and could even be fully electric from 2024 as the A4 e-tron. In advance, the How To Cars illustrator shows what the electric Audi could look like.

A6 e-tron concept gives a preview of Audi’s electric car design

The A6 e-tron concept already gives an idea of ​​how Audi intends to design its electric models in the future. A closed front with a hint of a single-frame grille, narrow LED lights and a long, flat hood characterize the coming model generations – including the planned A4 e-tron.
The basis could be the new PPE platform developed with Porsche, which can charge quickly with up to 350 kW and uses 800-volt technology.

An A4 e-tron Avant is also conceivable

There will probably also be an A4 Avant again. With a view to the e-car market, Audi could thus gain an advantage over the competition, because electrically powered station wagons currently look very manageable.

It remains to be seen what the later prices will be like. An A4 e-tron will certainly be more expensive than a model with a combustion engine.

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