Deutsche Telekom is giving away 12 months of Disney+ – you save EUR 89.90

Deutsche Telekom is giving you 12 months of Disney+ for free. This saves you 89.90 euros. Those are the requirements.

Deutsche Telekom is giving away 12 months of Disney+ as part of the “Disney+ by Telekom 12M gratis” option. Private customers with mobile phone tariffs (from the 3rd generation) can get the 12 free months. However, the offer can be booked while stocks last Telekom put it very vaguely: The last booking date should be September 30, 2022.

How to get 12 free months of Disney+

In order to be able to book the option for the 12 free months of Disney+, you must download the MeinMagenta app for iOS and Android. Then log in to the app with your Telekom login. Then click on the “heart icon” below to get to the Magenta Moments area (Telekom’s benefit program). Then click on the Disney+ gift or highlight of the week and “Collect gift”.

Now enter your cell phone number and the SMS TAN or log in automatically via the cell phone network. Now you can book the “Disney+ by Telekom 12M free” option free of charge. Finally, you have to activate the Disney+ account via the registration link in the SMS and start streaming.

That’s what you get

The free option “Disney+ by Telekom 12M free” includes that

Annual subscription to Disney+ worth 89.90 euros.

This option then expires automatically, so customers do not have to cancel separately. Customers will receive a reminder SMS 14 days before expiry, informing them that the subscription will soon expire automatically.

If the mobile phone contract ends before the end of the 12 months, the “Disney+ by Telekom 12M free” option also ends automatically.


You must have one of the eligible Telekom cellular plans or sign up now. In addition, you must not have already booked another Disney+ product via the mobile phone contract (if you have booked a Disney+ option via the landline contract, this is not an obstacle). The offer is also not valid for prepaid and landline customers.

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