Federal government announces 0-euro ticket – Fake can cost you dearly

The federal government announces the start of the 0-euro ticket nationwide on posters and in social networks. A fake that can cost you money and get you into a lot of trouble! That’s why the police warn against it.

Mimikama, a news portal that specializes in disproving fake news, warns of a fake campaign for a 0-euro ticket. This fake campaign takes place both in real life with street posters and in social networks.

According to this, unknown persons put up posters at bus stops in Erlangen, for example, on which Federal Transport Minister Wissing can be seen with a railway cap. Next to it is the hashtag #NULLFOREVER. In the middle of the poster you can read: “The €0 ticket is coming! Permanently. From now on.” The poster claims to come from the federal government. At the bottom follows a QR code and a website called, where you supposedly get the zero-euro ticket. An alleged 0-euro ticket is or was shown on this page, which can be issued immediately. The ticket shown is clearly a modified 9-euro ticket.

Comparable posters can also be found in Berlin, Hildesheim and Dresden. As expected, many users share photos of these posters on social networks, usually together with hashtags such as 0euroticket or nullfuerimmer. Accordingly, the campaign spread rapidly. There’s even an account on Twitter called it

0€ ticket — #nullforever
. He describes himself as the “official social media appearance of the #nullfuerimmer campaign to introduce a €0 ticket”. As I said, the website also existed for the campaign, but it is now offline. On YouTube, on the other hand, a video shows masked people putting up the posters at the bus stops at night.

All fictitious

But the thing with the 0-euro ticket is fictitious through and through. There is no such thing as a 0-euro ticket and there will almost certainly never be such a free ticket nationwide. Because if the 9-euro ticket should actually get a successor, then this will be subject to a fee.

police warn

The Hildesheim police are now warning of the 0-euro ticket campaign. Important: Anyone who prints out the false 0-euro ticket shown on the website mentioned above and uses it on local public transport is committing a criminal offence. According to Mimikama, this was confirmed by a police spokesman. The police are now investigating fraud against the spreaders of the fake tickets.

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