Free Games for the Weekend on Epic and Steam with Crusader Kings III

This weekend there are again free games on Steam and Epic Games – to try and keep. Among them a real highlight.

Several games are available for free again this week. Two games can be tried out for free over the weekend on Steam, while the Epic Games Store is once again giving away a game. Here is an overview of the games:

Epic Games Store: Vineyard Simulator to Keep

In the Epic Games Store this week is the game

Hundred Days – Vineyard Simulator” can be accessed for free. Once added to your library, you can keep the game permanently and play it for free. The official game description:

“Winemaking could be your greatest adventure. Make the best wine by interacting with the soil and nature, and take your winery to the top. Your beautiful journey into winemaking traditions begins now.”

To get the game, you only need an account on the Epic Games Store


The offer ends on September 15th. at 5 p.m.

Hundred Days – Vineyard Simulator for free on the Epic Games Store

In addition, the Epic Launch Bundle for the F2P game “Realm Royale Reforged” is also available for free. The DLC includes two skins and a mount.

Realm Royale Reforged Epic Launch Bundle for free on the Epic Games Store

Steam: Try strategy hit Crusader Kings III for free

The successful strategy game is on Steam

Crusader Kings III” can be played for free until September 12. In the game, you take control of a noble dynasty and must expand your empire through skillful diplomacy, useful marriages and, of course, military expansion. Crusader Kings III is priced at 39.99 during the same period euros reduced.

Crusader Kings III until 09/12. Try it for free on Steam

The party game can also be played free of charge for a short time

Block ‘Em!


With two to four players in local multiplayer, you can compete with your friends in this mix of platformer and puzzle game. The free test phase runs until September 12th, during this period the game is also reduced to 5.61 euros.

Block ’em! until 12.09. Try it for free on Steam

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