LinuxWelt 6/2022 at the kiosk: Linux for every PC!

In the new Linux world you can read, among other things, how to continue using older notebooks with Linux. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

How about the following suggestion: Anyone who wants to buy a new electronic device must first bring another to the recycling center. And just to see the incredible amounts of electronics that end up in the scrap heap. We throw away the stuff by the bucketload every day. In the statistics for 2019, the Federal Environment Agency shows almost one million tons of electronic scrap from German households. That is almost 10 kilograms per inhabitant – and every small child and every elderly senior counts. Then maybe it would be better like this: Instead of taking the device to the recycling center, you don’t buy a new one, install a small, slim and fast Linux – and be happy that the device is purring like a kitten again. Because by no means does old hardware always have to be recycled, you can fix it faster than a new PC with the right system and a little specialist knowledge. We explain in detail how this works in this issue. And the best thing about it: the good environmental conscience and the savings are free on top of that. If that’s not worth it!

You can read that and much more in the new LinuxWelt 6/2022 – order now at the kiosk or conveniently in the PC-WELT shop!

A selection of topics in the new Linux world:


  • Specials – DVD – Extra DVD.

    Know-how & DVDs: Exciting specials and brand new systems for your daily Linux routine

  • The magazine DVD: All content.

    Systems, tools, software & PDFs

  • Distributions on booklet DVD.

    Factsheets on Garuda, Linux Lite, Porteus and Rescuezilla

  • Linux News.

    News and trends around Linux, open source and IT security

Special I – Linux for hardware oldies

  • Old computers revived.

    Where recycling pays off: Many, but not all old devices are suitable for new roles under Linux

  • Linux for oldies.

    Desktop and server systems: These distributions specialize in older hardware

  • Use old data carriers.

    Small, older SSDs & hard drives: Only SSDs have a job guarantee

  • Mac upcycling with Linux.

    Linux on old Macs: A lean distribution gets slow Apple PCs up and running again

Special II – Linux Mint 21

  • The new Linux Mint 21.

    What’s new? Linux Mint 21 continues to distance itself from its Ubuntu system base

  • Upgrade, Setup & Setup.

    Upgrade and initial setup workshop: How to bring Linux Mint 21 to your target device

  • Cinnamon tuning.

    Workshop on the Mint desktop: You should know these optimization options for Cinnamon and file manager Nemo

Special III – Chief Service Systemd

  • Systemd at startup.

    Basics of the init daemon: This is how the most important tools of the service manager work

  • systemd path.

    Monitoring of folders and files: Systemd-Path enables automated data backup

  • Systemd cryptsetup.

    Locksmith: Systemd opens up convenient options for encrypted data carriers

  • Own systemd services.

    Service and timer: With systemd scripts you extend the functionality of your Linux system


  • What’s new in LibreOffice 7.4.

    Presentation and practical tips: what the latest Libre Office brings and how to install it

  • Docker desktop.

    Containerized graphical Linux apps: Docker Desktop works on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS

  • Screencast with Kooha.

    Under Wayland: Kooha films desktop actions including audio input

  • Obsidian: Linked Notes.

    More than notes: Obsidian creates connections through linking

Network, Hardware, Raspberry

  • Privacy Policy for Browsers.

    Efficient tracking defense: Use all options in Firefox and Chrome to stop data sharks

  • Scanning with Airsane.

    Scanner use in the browser: Airsane makes the device accessible in the entire network

  • Controlling LEDs with Open RGB.

    Linux is getting more colourful: Open RGB brings color to keyboards, fan LEDs or Hue lights

  • Gitlab & Github for everyone.

    Not just for developers: Git is suitable for publishing on the Internet and for teamwork


  • software migrations.

    Export and Import: How to transfer software settings from one system to the next

  • Snaps and Flatpaks.

    Container formats: These are the most important commands for (de)installation and optimization

  • console tips.

    New terminal tips, including the alternative package manager Nala

  • hardware tips.

    Troubleshooter for sleep, power consumption and monitor

This is what you will find on the DVD:

  • Linux Lite 6.0.

    Ubuntu derivative with XFCE and broad software for those switching

  • Garuda KDE Light 220808.

    Arch-based performance tuned distribution with KDE

  • Porteus 5.0 Linux World Edition.

    Live system for surfing with browser selection plus Gparted

  • Rescuezilla 2.4.

    Live system for copying partitions and hard drives

  • Linux Mint 21.

    The new Mint with Cinnamon 5.4 and classic Firefox


Linux World 6/2022

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The LinuxWelt is also available in digital form for your Android device, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone or Windows 10.

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