MagentaMobil prepaid: Telekom is giving away 3 GB of additional volume per month for a year

During a campaign period, Telekom is giving away 3 GB of extra volume to new customers for a year.

As Deutsche Telekom announces in its own blog, the prepaid tariffs are being equipped with significantly more data volume as part of a campaign. The campaign runs for a little over a month.

During the campaign period, new customers receive 3 GB more data volume per month or over the four-week billing period. The campaign runs from September 27 to November 8, 2022. During this period, new customers booking the MagentaMobil M, L, and XL tariffs each have 3 GB of additional volume.

Directly to the prepaid tariffs in the Deutsche Telekom online shop

Double the data volume in the annual plan

The campaign with the MagentaMobil prepaid 5G annual tariff is also particularly interesting. In addition to the previous 36 GB, customers also get the same data volume on top, i.e. double the data volume to 72 GB. The tariff is particularly attractive for customers who do not want to be contractually bound – for a one-time fee of 99.95 euros, new customers now receive a whopping 72 GB instead of the previous 36 GB. That’s the equivalent of 6 GB per month for EUR 8.30 per month.

In addition, customers naturally have access to the fast 5G network of Deutsche Telekom as well as a flat rate for telephony and SMS for the entire German network.

The tariffs including campaign data volume at a glance:

  • MagentaMobil Prepaid M: 6 GB (3 GB + 3 GB) for EUR 9.95 (28 days)

  • MagentaMobil Prepaid L: 8 GB (5 GB + 3 GB) for EUR 14.95 (28 days)

  • MagentaMobil Prepaid XL: 10 GB (7 GB + 3 GB) for EUR 24.95 (28 days)

  • MagentaMobil prepaid 5G annual plan: 72 GB (36 GB + 36 GB) for EUR 99.95 (1 year)

The prepaid tariffs with special offers are available from September 27th to November 8th in the Telekom shop, online at, in service and in retail. Existing customers who want to switch to a higher tariff should contact employees in the Telekom shops or specialist retailers to benefit from the special offer.

Directly to the prepaid tariffs in the Deutsche Telekom online shop

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