Netflix Premium now costs 21 euros / month in Ireland – soon here too?

Netflix is ​​now also raising prices in the UK and Ireland. For up to 3 euros! Is there a price increase in Germany?

In January 2022, Netflix had increased prices in the US ( we reported ) and now the UK and Ireland are doing the same. From a German point of view, the price increase in Ireland is interesting because payments are also made in euros there. Here the monthly subscription costs increase by up to a whopping 3 euros. So far, the monthly subscription for Netflix Premium in Ireland has cost 17.99 euros, like in Germany. According to the new price list

now 20.99 euros due!

In Europe, Netflix is ​​only more expensive in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, where Netflix Premium costs CHF 24.90 (about EUR 24.37). Ireland is now the most expensive euro country.

With Netflix Basic, the price in Ireland increases from 7.99 euros to 8.99 euros and with Netflix Standard from 12.99 euros per month to 14.99 euros, as Netflix announces on this page.

In Great Britain, the following prices apply from now on: 6.99 pounds (equivalent to 8.33 euros) for Basic, 10.99 pounds (13.10 euros) for Standard and 15.99 pounds (19.05 euros) for Premium.

Netflix is ​​raising prices in the UK and Ireland for the second time in just 18 months. As always, the rule is that the new prices initially only apply to new customers and that existing customers are then gradually asked to pay the higher costs after they have been informed by email.

Is there a threat of a price increase in Germany?

It remains unclear whether a price increase is also approaching in other European countries now that Netflix has become more expensive in the USA, Great Britain and Ireland. After all, the last price increase in Germany was some time ago.

Netflix has been struggling with a dwindling number of new Netflix subscribers, which isn’t surprising given how many years the service has been around. Netflix therefore seems to be turning the price screw more and more regularly in order to make more money. In the long term, however, this strategy is likely to reach its limits, because if Netflix becomes too expensive, many users could reach a pain threshold, which would lead them to switch to the cheaper providers, of which there are now plenty.

In the meantime, Netflix does not seem to rule out the introduction of an advertising-financed subscription after Disney + has announced such a plan. Netflix recently took action to broaden the service by adding games to the service.

When asked about the price increase in the US in January, Netflix told PC-WELT at the time:

“Price increases are country-specific. The US increase does not impact or indicate a global price change. We increase prices from time to time to continually expand and improve our offerings of series, films and shows, as well like the quality on our service. Our primary goal is to continue to provide our subscribers with great entertainment and ensure they receive ever greater value for their membership.”

This is how much Netflix currently costs in Germany

The following prices currently apply to Netflix subscriptions in Germany:

Netflix costs: subscription prices at a glance – and this is how you save

  • Netflix basic for 7.99 euros per month

    Number of devices for simultaneous streaming / download: 1

    HD available: no

    Ultra HD available: no

  • Netflix standard for 12.99 euros per month

    Number of devices for simultaneous streaming / download: 2

    HD available: yes

    Ultra HD available: no

  • Netflix Premium for 17.99 euros per month

    Number of devices for simultaneous streaming / download: 4

    HD available: yes

    Ultra HD available: yes

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