Top deal: Save up to 420 euros now on Congstar tariffs

At Congstar you get the “Allnet Flat” tariffs currently with a discount and free LTE upgrade. At PC-WELT you will also receive a shopping voucher.

The popular Congstar tariffs in the Deutsche Telekom network are currently available at exciting special prices. And you can currently save even more with PC-WELT, because you can get the “Allnet Flat” tariffs in the variants “M” and “L” via our deal link

Cashback with a Best Choice voucher

on top. For the tariff “Allnet Flat M” there is

30 euros free

and even for the “Allnet Flat L” tariff

40 euros on top.

Secure big discounts + voucher now with Congstar tariffs

Best Choice Voucher: Receive up to 40 euros in cashback

The “Allnet Flat M” tariff is currently available for 22 instead of 27 euros. The “Allnet Flat L” tariff only costs 25 instead of 35 euros. You can also surf the fast Deutsche Telekom network with download rates of up to 50 Mbit/s thanks to the now free “LTE 50 Option”, which would otherwise have cost you 5 euros a month – saving: 120 euros.

Congstar Allnet Flat L 20 GB for 25 euros per month – plus 40 euros for free

Including the cashback discount for collective bargaining agreements over 24 months

save 270 euros with “Allnet Flat M”,


“Allnet Flat L” even

whopping 420 euros!

And the online tariff agreement is doubly worthwhile, because you also get more download volume. With the “M” variant you get 15 instead of 10 GB and with the “L” 20 instead of 15 GB LTE volume –

each subsequent year, your volume increases by an additional 5 GB.

Congstar Allnet Flat M 15 GB for 22 euros per month – plus 30 euros for free

And of course all tariffs offer a flat rate for telephony and SMS in all German networks as well as EU roaming.

Congstar “Allnet Flat” tariffs including discount, voucher and free LTE option

  • Network: Congstar / Telekom

  • LTE 50 option for free

  • Data volume: 15 / 20 GB with LTE up to 50 Mbit/s

  • Every year the volume increases by another 5 GB

  • Including telephony & SMS flat rate

  • EU roaming included

  • Basic fee: “Allnet Flat M”: 22 instead of 27 euros + 30 euros voucher

  • Basic fee: “Allnet Flat L”: 25 instead of 35 euros + 40 euros voucher

  • Connection fee: 15 euros


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