Twitter: Elon Musk would reverse Trump ban

Tesla CEO Elon Musk would probably lift Trump’s Twitter ban as soon as he owns Twitter.

Elon Musk wants to reverse former US President Donald Trump’s Twitter ban on the platform once he owns Twitter. The Tesla CEO explained this to CNN at a conference.

Musk believes there should be permanent bans only for scammers and bot-controlled accounts.

I would lift the ban”


said the Tesla boss. This was

“morally wrong” and “just stupid”. He and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey are convinced that there should be no permanent account bans on Twitter.

However, it is considered certain that the decision to ban Trump was largely supported by Dorsey. “There are exceptions […] but generally, permanent bans are a mistake and don’t work,” Dorsey said.

Trump return rather unlikely

However, it is unlikely that Trump would ever return to Twitter. The ex-president recently said he didn’t want to go back to the platform, even if he could. That would also be a strange step, because Donald Trump has been trying to establish his own Twitter clone called “Truth Social” as a platform competition since the Twitter ban. Read more about it here:

Elon Musk does not yet own Twitter. First, the antitrust authorities still have to approve the platform takeover, after which Musk has to convince enough shareholders to sell their Twitter shares to Musk. However, there should be enough money for the project. Read more about Musk’s Twitter acquisition here:

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