Back to School with Surfshark VPN: 3 months VPN service for free

Short Term Sale at Surfshark: Get full VPN protection for all devices at a 83% discount.

The VPN provider Surfshark currently gives you a 27-month VPN subscription for all your devices for the price of a 1-year subscription. Get 3 months of full VPN protection for free. You pay EUR 59.76 for the entire package – effectively EUR 2.21 per month. Surfshark’s promotion runs for one month

until the end of September.

Surfshark VPN including 3 additional months for 2.21 euros per month

Securely back to school with VPN

With the back-to-school campaign, the provider wants to draw attention to the dangers of the Internet and promote more online security at the start of school. Pupils and parents should be aware that surfing is never really private, whether on a smartphone, tablet or PC. In addition to the security aspect of VPN software, students should be particularly interested in the streaming features: If you stream via VPN, you not only get a stable and fast Internet connection, you can also access foreign content such as series or films.

Stream foreign content

If your device is connected to Surfshark VPN, you can stream Netflix US or Disney+ US, for example, regardless of where you are. You can also watch Youtube videos blocked in your country. There are over 3200 servers in 65 countries to choose from to dial into. If you choose Surfshark’s service, you have 30 days after purchase to cancel if you’re not satisfied – and then get a full refund.

To all Surfshark VPN packages

Use VPN on all devices

With Surfshark VPN you only pay once and then you can use the software on all your devices like smartphone, desktop, tablet, etc. Unlike other VPN providers, there is no limit – you can connect to an unlimited number of devices at the same time.

If you only want to use the service for 1 month, you pay a one-time fee of 12.95 euros. VAT of 19 percent is added to all prices. The offer package with a discount of 83 percent is still available until the end of September. Note: If you do not see the discount of 83 percent or the monthly price of 2.21 euros on the Surfshark website, please open the following link again – in a new browser window in private mode.

Surfshark VPN including 3 additional months for 2.21 euros per month

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