Brabus 600 (2022): tuned Maybach S-Class with V8 and 600 hp

Maybach stands for exclusive luxury at Mercedes, but that has brabus not enough yet. Contrary to what you would expect from the people of Bottrop, they didn’t tackle the V12 Maybach here, but the V8. The result is the Brabus 600 based on the Mercedes Maybach S 580!

Visually, the tuner from the Ruhr area, which is actually known for wild conversions, has held back this time. Instead of installing numerous spoilers or fender flares, the Brabus 600 is quite discreet. As with the Brabus 900 Maybach GLS, they are with one Maybach The usual chrome trim strips are also kept in “Dark Chrome” on the Brabus 600, which makes them a little less noticeable.

Brabus 600 Maybach S580

Discreet rear view: the two large tailpipes alone reveal the Brabus 600, the chrome trim parts are kept dark.

But Brabus didn’t want to do without carbon entirely with this Maybach either. The air inlets, the front splitter and the rear diffuser in particular are made of carbon fiber composite; Brabus logos replace the usual Mercedes and Maybach emblems on the C-pillar.

Of course, the footwear was also adapted. Brabus monoblock rims measuring up to 22 inches underscore the mighty character of the Maybach. With an additional module, the Maybach S-Class was lowered by 20 millimeters.

Striking leather color in the interior

But it gets more conspicuous than the outside view on the inside. Apart from the Alcantara headliner, everything here is leather, even the trunk lining and floor mats are leather. But there are also normal mats for bad weather.

Brabus 600 Maybach S580

The executive chair is of course at the back of a Maybach. Instead of five, the Brabus 600 only has four seats and a continuous center console.

But that’s not all, because with the Brabus 600 the most striking thing is the interior color. The entire interior is in light blue (“Turquoise Blue”) – a color that the tuned G-Class from Influencerin “Supercar Blondie” resembles. The seats are exceptionally comfortable and also offer good lateral support when cornering.

As expected, the space is princely, especially in the rear, the passengers benefit from an extremely large amount of legroom. There are also numerous comfort features, such as the massage function. A special detail, however, are the doors, which can be opened and closed at the touch of a button in the roof frame.

The infotainment is known from the S-Class

The technology in the interior remains typical Mercedes. The driver is greeted by a display landscape with a large central screen for MBUX infotainment and navigation, plus there is a digital cockpit with 3D function.

Brabus 600 Maybach S580

The interior is presented with lots of leather, carbon and a special color called “Tiffany Blue”.

The rear passengers have their own screens for entertainment. If you are thirsty, you can grab a drink from the cooler. Nothing new in an S-Class.

The V8 biturbo delivers 97 hp more than in the series Maybach

Brabus has not only held back in terms of exterior appearance; the choice of engine was also comparatively unobtrusive. Contrary to what one would expect, the Brabus 600 does not use the V12 top engine, but the Four-liter V8 of the Mercedes-Maybach S 580. The eight-cylinder became a 600 with an additional control unit hp and a maximum of 800 Nm torque teased out. That’s only 97 hp more than in the series.

The power is transmitted to a nine-speed automatic transmission to all four wheels, the sprint to 100 km/h is done in 4.5 seconds. Almost unusual for Brabus: The top speed remains limited at 250 km/h, as with the series.

First ride: sporty start, but strong rolling movements

AUTO BILD was already on the road with the new Brabus 600 at the Contidrom, the test track of the tire manufacturer Continental. The 600 hp are already noticeable the first time you accelerate, and the maximum 800 Nm press vehemently on all four wheels.

The Brabus 600 is remarkably reserved. It doesn’t scream, and despite the flap exhaust system, the Maybach is surprisingly quiet, thanks to its noise insulation. The Brabus 600 doesn’t need a particularly sporty sound either.

Brabus 600 Maybach S580

The start of the 600 hp is decent, but the cornering due to the air suspension is more geared towards comfort than sport.

Its weight is already noticeable in faster corners. The approximately 2.3 tons of the Maybach lean heavily, sway conspicuously when changing direction quickly. Nevertheless, the Brabus can be moved in a sporty manner, there are also special driving modes that make the Maybach firmer.

As a Brabus 600, the Maybach costs over 400,000 euros

The question of the price remains: A standard Mercedes-Maybach S 580 costs around 175,000 euros. With the Brabus aftertreatment, the tuned luxury sedan comes to a proud 407,714.23 euros. That’s a hell of a lot of money, but still relatively cheap compared to the 900 hp machines like the XLP “One of Ten”.

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