Michelin study: why Germans like to buy all-season tires

65.1 percent of Germans like to spend money when they are dealing with it annoying activities around the house and automobile and thus Leisure stress from the neck. That has one of Tire manufacturer Michelin commissioned representative study result. Germans like to use their days off effectively. 42.7 percent of respondents consider it likely that they will be having time off work organizational things; matters or Errands around the house and car. Products and Servicesthat save time are therefore very popular. Approximately everyone Tenth invested in Delivery services, approx. a quarter the respondent likes products like Vacuum robotwho do work for them.

All-season tires help save time for leisure

More than the half of the respondents stated that they relied on the durability to pay attention to that Buy new to avoid and so to gain time. This is especially true for the age group under 30 years. Front runner on the list of unpopular Leisure hogs according to the Michelin study automobile. Just 4.3 percent of the respondents voluntarily take care of their motor vehicle on their days off. 29.8 percent of drivers feel especially the one coming up twice a year Tire change from summer to winter tires and back again as annoying. And this is exactly where Michelin sees them chance, with the use of All season tires the Change times to save and to gain more space for excursions or similar leisure activities. It goes without saying that the French have a suitable tire in their range with the Michelin CrossClimate2 a one-third those surveyed in the Michelin study already rely on all-season tires, a little more than 44 percent are basically open to all-season tires.

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