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My little, green mocha is outside in front of the balcony. I often drive Hamburg – Hessen, he already knows the route. Okay, admittedly, my poetry skills are more than capable of improvement. On the other hand, there’s hardly anything to complain about about the Opel Mokka: I’ve learned to appreciate it over well over 1000 kilometers, comfortably damped, with feedback-friendly, not too light steering and intuitive operation.

Opel Mokka in the AUTO BILD used car market

Kassel mountains? Masters the little casual, 130-hp three-cylinder and eight-speed automatic harmonize well and radiate calm. With its bright green color and mature look, the Opel even enjoys something like overtaking prestige on the autobahn.

At 4.15 meters, the Mokka remains compact, but doesn’t offer too much space inside.

Also great: the matrix LED light, which is bright as day, impresses even on winding country roads with its precise illumination. What do I not like about mocha? I think the message “You’ve been on the phone for 20 minutes. End the call or drive” is cheeky. Why is Opel involved at all? (More on the topic: the large AUTO BILD endurance test ranking)

The Opel Mokka in How To Cars endurance test

Endurance test start: November 26, 2021
Price of the test car with extras: 33,955 euros
Driven so far: 17,615km
Test consumption: 8.5L S/100km
Top: Adult handling, harmonious drive, easy to use, powerful matrix LED light
Not so good: Pixelated reversing camera, no lighting in the rear, patronizing telephony warning

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