The cheap car alternative? – BIKE IMAGE

The CPNHGN (pronounced: Copenhagen) does not come from Denmark, as the name and the typical wooden box look suggest, but was developed by Ortler (brand of Internetstores/ in Stuttgart and we also tested it there.
A clear advantage over many lowland bikes from Denmark and the Netherlands: the CPNHGN climbs steep inclines with ease. This is guaranteed by the Brose unit, which is supplied with energy by two 522 watt-hour batteries.

Battery capacity: 2 x 522 watt hours

The focus on good value for money is very typical of At less than 4000 euros, this e-cargo bike costs less than half of some competitors from the high-price segment.

The CPNHGN takes up less space than a car and still easily transports weekend shopping.

Controls and motor come from Brose.

Ortler didn’t save here: cable steering and front light.

The box can hold a maximum of 40 kilograms of luggage. Enough for goods but might get tight with older kids.

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