Vattenfall Charge Amps Halo: Wallbox comes with green electricity

The most comfortable and at the same time safest way to be at home Electric car to load is one Wallbox. AUTO BILD has the way to Wallbox, which can seem complicated at first glance, in six steps divided up. The way to your own wallbox is even easier with the new one Charging package from AUTO BILD and Vattenfall!

Vattenfall wallbox in the AUTO BILD edition

The wallbox is inside Charge Amps Halo contain. It offers 11 kW charging power, charges three phase and comes with a 7.5 meter long cable (Type 2 connector), which remains pliable down to minus 25 degrees Celsius. The Charge Amps Halo weighs four kilogram and can be mounted on the wall as well as on a stake with a flat surface. The box comes with a tension of 230/400 volt, 50 Hz and 16 amp operated. A DC protection is integrated, a Residual current circuit breaker Type A (FI switch) is also required. The housing of the Charge Amps Halo is made from recycled aluminum. An integrated light strip makes them visible in the dark and also shows the charge level.

The wallbox is designed for extreme weather

The highest currently available on the market Protection class IP66 according to the manufacturer, ensures that the Charge Amps Halo not only withstands rain, but also withstands all northern European weather conditions. Should he Access to the wallbox can be protected via RFIDtechnology being controlled. This control runs through a free Online portal, which also offers additional functions. The wallbox can also be sent via WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS can be connected to any backend. In addition, one belongs to the subsidized box Green electricity tariff from Vattenfall. Depending on the size, the wallbox costs from 499 euros, which can save up to 690 euros on the actual sales price (1189 euros).
When the wallbox exclusively Private is used and 100 percent Green electricity flows (the latter is the case here), can 900 euros funding can be requested from the federal government. It should be noted, however, that the application for funding before the purchase must be asked!

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