BMW M2 G87 (2022): probably with 490 hp from six cylinders

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BMW has even officially teased the new M2 and given it its own landing page. In addition to a preview of the optics, the site also gives an indication of the motorization of the compact sports car. How To Cars shows what is known about the M2!

Engine: 490 hp could be possible in the new M2

One thing should be certain: the new BMW M2 will be back with a driving pleasure guarantee! Since the old M2 Competition already got 410 hp from the S55 straight-six, the successor should add a few more hp.

This is how the AUTO BILD illustrator imagines the new generation of the BMW M2.

So far it has been said that the M2 will drive up out of respect for the big brothers with a maximum of 450 hp. However, BMW is already giving preliminary consumption on its official website for the M2. With 10 liters per 100 km, the high-performance 2 Series comes very close to its big siblings at this point. Therefore, the Munich could give the M2 more power than expected.

A certain distance to the competition models (510 hp) will certainly remain. However, a maximum of 490 hp seems realistic with the consumption data already published.

All-wheel drive, as offered as an option for the M3 and M4, also seems to be off the table. As an xDrive, the lighter M2 would drive its big siblings into the parade and steal market shares.
It is very likely that the M-DKG transmission has had its day and BMW is using the well-known eight-speed ZF automatic transmission for the new M2 instead. But don’t worry: for purists, the manual transmission will probably remain in the range as standard.

Design: BMW M2 with flared fenders and four real tailpipes

BMW has published its own spy shots as a teaser. Despite the strong camouflage, the classic coupé proportions – long hood, short tail – are clearly recognizable. As befits a true M model, the M2’s fenders are flared, just like the M2 F87 predecessors and the legendary 1 Series M Coupé.

At the rear, the top model can be recognized by the four-pipe exhaust. The fact that there are four real tailpipes and no fake covers is a matter of honor with the M2.

Prototype BMW M2

The all-important question is: which kidneys will BMW choose for the M2?

Things get interesting at the front. This is particularly well masked on the Erlkönig, so that no reliable statement can be made as to whether the M2 will possibly be launched with an M3/M4-style front.

The much-discussed “beaver kidney” is intended to differentiate the M versions more from the normal models. However, the “normal” BMW 2 Series Coupé G42 speaks against this. The original model has a relatively wide kidney, but unlike the 4 it is not as high. As far as the M2 is concerned, this certainly fuels the hopes of critics of the large M kidneys.

The M2 stays with a classic exhaust system, but there are also optional M Performance Parts.

BMW M has also already provided a glimpse of the M Performance Parts. Apparently, the top 2 can also be equipped with a spoiler at the rear and colored rims in the future. The camouflaged prototype also shows the performance exhaust system known from the M3 and M4, which arranges the tailpipes at an angle and one above the other.

Price: New BMW M2 will be more expensive than its predecessor

When the new BMW M2 is at the dealership from autumn 2022, it will probably be a bit more expensive than its predecessor. The 410 hp M2 Competition was last available from around 62,500 euros. The upcoming M2 will probably cost just under 65,000 euros.

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