Changing tires: instructions & tips

Experts advise to heed the rule of thumb “from O to O” when changing tires – i.e. change to winter tires in October and back to summer tires at Easter. Those who orientate themselves on this usually do nothing wrong. At Easter time, the frosty temperatures usually say goodbye, and in October it slowly gets colder again. However, the exact temperatures and weather conditions vary from region to region. Manufacturers recommend switching from summer to winter tires when the temperature falls below seven degrees Celsius. By the way, the road traffic regulations do not specify the right time for changing tires. Here it is only stated in Section 2 Paragraph 3a that a car may only be driven with winter tires (M+S tires, Alpine symbol) in wintry road conditions (black ice, hard snow, slush, ice or frost). If you have your tires changed in a workshop, it would be a good idea to take care of this early on, because during the wheel-changing season there are both time and material bottlenecks in the workshops. You can only get an appointment for a tire change with sufficient advance notice, and if you want to buy new tires, you may have to expect a long delivery time.

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