Winter tire test 2022: 245/40 R 19

North of the Arctic Circle, winter hits relentlessly with freezing cold and daily snowfalls of up to half a meter. As a reliable motor vehicle in this extreme weather, the Scandinavian relies on the Ski-Doo, the caterpillar-driven motor scooter of the far north. Our all-wheel drive Cupra Formentor VZ5 claws its way into the white ground almost as powerfully – provided it is on the right tires.

At temperatures of minus eight degrees, we first measure the traction, lateral support and braking distances of our 245/40 R 19 winter tires on specially prepared slopes in Ivalo, Finland.

Winter tire test 2022: 245/40 R 19

You can see the complete overview with all test results in the table below!

Every time, the Michelin is clearly ahead, and after the final handling tests on the breakneck hill and valley route as well as on the fast course on the level, there is no doubt: “Snow King 2022” is the Pilot Alpin 5 from Michelin .

Michelin tires are therefore the first choice for the Scandinavian market, while Central European drivers require greater safety reserves on wet and dry roads because of the mild winter. Geared towards this, the winter tires from Hankook, Bridgestone and Continental impress with balanced performance at a high level. The top performance of a summer tire cannot be achieved due to the design, as the direct comparison in the individual test disciplines shows, but you are safe with them on ice and snow.

Winter tire test in 245/40 R 19: Bridgestone and Hankook are test winners

The snow king is Michelin Pilot Alpin 5. Mounted on a Cupra Formentor VZ5, they form an unbeatable team on snow and ice. On the other hand, when it’s wet, it’s only enough for a 2- in the chapter note. With balanced performance, good winter qualities and no slip-ups, the candidates from Hankook, Bridgestone and Continental made the race, they received our “exemplary” seal of approval. On the other hand, it is better to keep your hands off cheap homemakers like the Minerva.

Winter tire test in 245/40 R 19 format*

Exemplary premium tires with very good snow qualities, high steering precision, dynamic wet and dry handling, short snow and wet braking distances, pleasant ride comfort, fuel-saving rolling resistance

Convincing all-round talent with balanced performance potential, precise steering behavior, short snow and wet braking distances, dynamic handling properties in all weather conditions, fair price

average comfort

Premium tires with stable driving quality in all weather conditions, very good winter properties with short braking distances and sporty, dynamic handling, quiet rolling noise, fuel-saving rolling resistance

The snow king with the best driving performance on ice and snow, precise steering behavior and dynamic driving characteristics on dry slopes, quiet passing noise

high price level, slightly longer wet braking distance

convincingly good winter qualities, short braking distances in any weather, safe aquaplaning properties, stable dry handling, quiet passing noise, low price

slight understeer on wet slopes, very high rolling resistance

high traction and short braking distances on ice and snow, sporty, dynamic handling and precise steering behavior on wet slopes, safe dry handling, fair price

understeering behavior on snow, high rolling resistance

Winter profile with good driving characteristics on firm snow cover, low pass-by noise, good comfort

extended wet and dry braking distances, moderate grip and understeering handling on dry roads, increased rolling resistance

short snow braking distances, good aquaplaning properties, low price

only satisfactory handling qualities on snowy and dry roads, slightly longer wet and dry braking distances, high rolling resistance

Cheap home with stable handling on dry slopes and quiet rolling noise

Significantly restricted driving characteristics on snow and wet slopes, dangerously extended snow and wet braking distances, diffuse steering response, low aquaplaning reserves

Our test was supported by: Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Falken, Hankook, Maxxis, Michelin and Vredestein. You can find our standards for transparency and journalistic independence here.

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