AUTO BILD and Euromaster: We pay your bill, part 5

A glowing light in the cockpit is not a good sign. That begs the question: how bad is it? And above all: How expensive will it be? The yellow ABS warning went on in Matthias Luba’s VW Polo. His guess: the sensor is broken. That wouldn’t be so bad. Or is the ABS control unit gone? Then it could get really expensive.

Euromaster and AUTO BILD help in times of need

A problem for the trained metal worker. He ended up on the operating table twice after a herniated disc, and twice things went wrong. Since then, the man from Mannheim has lived with severe pain and is unable to work. A great burden for the experienced screwdriver. In 1997 he bought his beloved Polo brand new and converted it according to his ideas. Nothing works today. His illness no longer allows him to do complex work on the car. And there is no money for a workshop visit. In desperation he writes to AUTO BILD. And Euromaster is happy to take over and quickly found the cause of the warning light.

Brake discs, pads and new wheel bearings

Not only was there a new ABS sensor, but also fresh brake discs, pads and new wheel bearings for the rear axle

The ABS sensor on the left front wheel is broken. There are also new brake discs and pads on the rear axle. The wheel bearings in the rear are also new. In the end, 932 euros are on the workshop bill. You’re welcome, the lid is on us!

That’s how important the anti-lock braking system is

ABS is designed to prevent the wheels from locking when braking. Reason: Sufficient lateral forces can only be built up when the wheel is turning, so the car remains steerable even in the event of emergency braking. And this is how it works: If a sensor reports to the ABS control unit that the speed of a wheel is decreasing too much, its brake pressure is reduced and the wheel is prevented from locking. The driver recognizes the control intervention of the ABS control unit by a pulsing in the brake pedal. Tip: book a driving safety training course. Here you can practice emergency braking, because anyone who feels the pulsation in the brake pedal for the first time could believe that something is broken on the brake – and react incorrectly.

driving safety training

Driving safety training: Here you get to know your car

All further information and reports

How to apply

Is your car in need of urgent repairs, but the garage bill is beyond your budget? Then write to us! Tell us about your case and explain why AUTO BILD and Euromaster should help you. If your case is then selected, it goes directly to a Euromaster branch. Your car will be repaired there by experienced car mechatronics technicians. We assume the costs for all spare parts and the complete wages. Important: The “We pay your bill” campaign is about emergencies and hardship. We are happy to pay for the work necessary to get the car running again, but not for the installation of luxury extras, tuned wheels or cosmetic repairs. Thank you for your understanding.

We need that from you

● An accurate description of the case. Explain to us why we should undertake the repair.
● A cost estimate so we know roughly what needs to be done and how much the repair will cost.
● Your full address and a telephone number where we can reach you during the day.
Send everything by e-mail to
● or by letter to
Password: invoice mailbox 39 10
20350 Hamburg

With a bit of luck, your case will be selected and we will take over the repair of your car.

Apply by email

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