Call of Duty Warzone appears on smartphones

Activision is releasing the Battle Royale title “Call of Duty Warzone” as a mobile game for smartphones and tablets.

Activision today announced Call of Duty: Project Aurora, a new mobile game set in the Call of Duty universe. With the title, the developers want to bring the Battle Royale gameplay of “Call of Duty Warzone” to mobile devices.

Battle Royale on mobile devices

The Project Aurora development team aims to “unite a global community of diverse players with a fast, accurate, and high-quality battle royale action experience,” according to the official announcement. The title should also offer “a new way of playing”. “Call of Duty: Project Aurora” is currently in the closed alpha phase and is being tested by a select few players. During the testing phase, new features will be regularly added to the title and large-scale battle royale gameplay mechanics will be tested on mobile devices. The developer collects feedback and tries to eliminate bugs.

Alpha could be expanded soon

Interested players can no longer apply for access to Alpha at this time. However, Activision promises to expand the testing phase to include additional players in the coming weeks. The developer wants to publish news about this on the official website for the game.

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