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Google combines Google Translate with Smart Glasses and turns them into real-time translation glasses.

Google presented a further development of the smart glasses Google Glass at the Google I/O developer conference. The prototype can transcribe spoken language, translate it in real time and then display it on the lenses.

Translation assistance with Google Translate in real time

“We are working on a technology that will enable us to overcome language barriers”

, explains Eddie Chun, Google Director of Product Management, in the introductory video for the smart glasses. When it comes to software, the smart glasses rely on Google Translate to create translated subtitles. Deaf people should also benefit from the glasses in order to understand people who do not speak sign language.

Market launch still uncertain

Google has not yet revealed many details about the smart translation glasses. So it is unclear exactly what the device will be called, what the subtitles on the lenses will look like and what technical equipment the hardware should offer. Google ventured a first foray into the market for smart glasses with its Google Glass back in 2012. Due to criticism of data protection and the high price, the company recently focused on companies with Google Glass. The translation glasses could be a new product for the end customer area.

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