Ford Focus ST MK2 Tuning: TTG contender with 5000 watt bass machine

Sidney Hoffmann and other co-jurors are looking for Germany’s best tuning car. the new TV show “Tuning Trophy Germany” is broadcast on DMAX and shows cars of all stripes. Maurice Lindenblatts is allowed as a “show vehicle” 2005 Ford Focus ST are designated. In addition to massive power, the Cologne-based compact athlete drives a watt excess of the extra class.

Light show, fog machine and almost 6000 watts

In addition to speakers and amplifiers, the trunk is filled with screens and leather.

Externally, Lindenblatt has turned the ST to look like its big brother. A Body kit from Rieger including roof spoiler make on Focus RS. There are also 19-inch Etabeta rims and a bright orange paintwork with black accents. It goes on really blatantly in the interior. The entire trunk is covered by a fat one Music system with almost 6000 watts of power taken, hat shelf and panels are covered with quilted leather. One Fog machine and elaborate lighting including the laser show put the whole thing in the limelight. Other nice extras are airbrushes and a Playstation.

Five-cylinder with a good 300 hp

The “license plate” gives it away: a monster music system with a lot of power awaits behind the tailgate.

A works under the hood of the Focus ST 2.5 liter five-cylinder once with 225 hp. With some measures including a new intercooler, the performance increases 301 hp, the torque to 512 Nm. This was achieved by means of a new intake, machined cylinder walls, a new intercooler and more. Blow-off valve, deactivated overrun fuel cut-off and sports exhaust system ensure the right sound. Further technical modifications include a reinforced clutch Bilstein chassis and perforated brake discs. Krass: Maurice Lindenblatt has owned the converted Focus for 16 years and continues to use it every day. Now the 26-year-old competes with his sweetheart at the Tuning Trophy Germany against the VW Polo WRC and the BMW E39 M5.

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